Dune II

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:: General ::

Planet Arrakis
The Planet Arrakis

This is the planet Arrakis, known by those who know it as "Dune". The planet is made up entirely of sand and rock. A great tournament has been initiated by the Emperor of Dune. Only one house will prevail, successfully harvesting the Spice Melange and destroying any opposing forces.

:: Atreides ::

Ornithopter Demonstration
Atreides :: Ornithopter Attack

Ornithopters are the only airborne defence available in the game. Both Atreides and Ordos have use of these flapping machines. Their demonstration in the opening sequence appears far more ruthless than within the actual game, where they rarely make any positive effect at all.

:: Ordos ::

Raider Spy
Atreides :: Ornithopter Attack

An Ordos Raider trike boldly goes into the Harkonnen base to check the location of eney buildings. Other areas of the map have already been revealed. Unfortunately, level 9 is a little predictable for all houses as the layout of each base is almost identical with Saudukar taking centre stage. At this level avoid building Ordos Palaces as these only produce weak Saboteurs, capable of getting killed quicker than an Ornithopter or, at most, destroying a wall.

:: Harkonnen ::

Enclosed Repair Facility
Harkonnen :: Enclosed Repair Facility

See how to enclose your Repair Facility in order to make the Carryalls to the hard work for you. Once you have sealed off this building Carryalls will ferry your damaged units from the battle scene and return then to their initial position.